Crawling in no time

5 months old

Dear Elliot,

Who hit the fast forward button? It might have been you seeing that you are fascinated with the TV remote. But alas, it’s just you growing way too quickly! I can’t believe you’ve been with us for 5 months now! In the past few weeks you’ve really turned into your own little man. Your personality is shining through and you’re so happy and so sweet.

One of your biggest accomplishments this past month was rolling over from your back to your tummy. You’ve really mastered that skill and you now prefer to sleep on your belly. At first I was quite nervous, and I would check on you pretty often throughout the night, but I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about.

You’re also well on your way to sitting up on your own, which means solid food is next! I’ve decided to use the baby led weaning approach, which basically means no mushy cereal. I’ll be giving you pieces of fruits and veggies that you can “play with” and feed yourself. It’ll be messy, but it’ll be great, and Eegor will thank you for all the bits that end up on the floor.

Every day I love you more and more, which I didn’t realize could be possible seeing that I loved you so much from the very beginning! And even though I only get to spend about an hour with you when I get home from work each day, that hour is amazing, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Sometimes I worry that you’re going to resent me for working as you get older, but it’s the best thing for our family and I hope you understand that. I’m sure we’ll have a good long talk about it one day.

I love you so much, Elliot.



Elliot’s Nursery

Here’s where our little man lays his head.

I’m not into nursery themes, so we decided to keep his room modern with accents of things both Ben and I like, and hope Elliot likes one day too (i.e. Star Wars, robots, owls, planes). It’s still a work in progress, as I want to add a few more things to the walls, but I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out (especially given the small size of the room).

Boy do they grow quick!

Elliot turned 2 weeks old yesterday, and he had his follow-up pediatrician appointment. At birth he weighed 7lbs 8.5oz and was 20 and 3/4 inches long. Then, as per the norm, he lost some weight after birth and was 7lbs and 7.5oz 3 days after he was born. Yesterday he was 8lbs 9oz and 21 and 3/4 inches long.

Why are you growing so fast, Elliot?!

I seriously can’t believe that he gained over a pound since the 10th and is a whole inch longer! He’s in the 84th percentile for length. I hope he grows up to be a strong and tall young man :]

Motherhood (9 days in)

Motherhood, motherhood, motherhood. So this is what it’s like? I honestly don’t have much to complain about. Elliot is a pretty easy baby so far. He’s on a fairly consistent schedule of nursing, “playing” and sleeping… and a dozen or so diaper changes thrown in.

As far as sleep for me is concerned, Elliot wakes up about every 3-4 hours at night, and usually goes to bed pretty quickly after a feeding. I won’t lie, getting up in the middle of the night is tough, but it could be worse and it won’t last forever.

What I miss most is daily adult human interaction. Luckily friends and family have been coming to visit to help with that, and God bless the phone and Internet. I definitely look forward to Ben coming home from work every day, and it’s the cutest because Elliot is so content to sleep in his arms.

It’s all worth it for this little guy…