Lately I’ve been struggling with patience, and I’ve been “wanting”… I want things that I feel like I’ll never have. And I guess that’s where my lack of patience comes in. I want to know if I will ever have them! Will I? Huh? Huh? I know I’m being extremely vague, and that’s okay. I feel better just typing this.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately and failed to write posts for Elliot turning 10 and 11 months old. In fact, he’s going to be a year old in a little over 2 weeks. Wait, did I really just type that? My son is going to a whole YEAR old. Wow, I can’t believe it. We’re throwing him a party… nothing extravagant, but it’ll be fun. I’ll write about it after the fact… and after I cry about my baby not being a baby anymore.

Oh, and did I mention he’s walking? WALKING.


8 months old!

Dear Elliot,

Today is a big day, not only because you’re 8 months old, but also because last night Barack Obama was re-elected for another 4 years as President of the United States!

Voting is a big deal and our right as Americans. You’ll have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote when you turn 18. I hope you don’t take it lightly and you make the time to get to know each candidate and learn where they stand on important issues. Don’t vote for a candidate just because they are a part of a certain political party. Vote for them because you believe in what they stand for. It’s important that you stay informed so you can make informed decisions. Above all else, respect the opinions of those around you, even if you don’t agree with them.

Politics aside, let’s talk about you! You are now pulling yourself up to a standing position with such ease. I can hardly remember you being a helpless newborn, as those days are long gone. You’re growing and changing right before my very eyes. Your bottom front teeth have broken through and are on their way up up!

Now that it’s November, I’m getting more and more excited for our first holiday season together! Later this month is Thanksgiving, which is a holiday we celebrate to give thanks for the many blessings we’ve received throughout the year. Do you know what I’m thankful for? You!

You haven’t said any words yet, but it’s clear that you understand what “No” means. You are a very curious little man, so you often get into things that you shouldn’t. When that happens I say, “No Sir.” and you look at me and stop what you are doing. The first time I realized you were actually stopping because I said to I was shocked and amazed. You look to me (and Daddy) for answers, for comfort, for guidance, for love. When you’re upset or scared you reach out for one of us… it’s hard to put into words how amazing that feels. I love you so much, little buddy.


7 months!

Dear Elliot,

Today you are 7 months old! A lot has happened in the last month… about a week after you turned 6 months old you started crawling! Then soon after that you started pulling yourself into a standing position. You can even stand by yourself for a few seconds at a time now. Not only that, but you are now sitting unassisted like a pro! I am so very proud of you and your determination. I hope that determination stays with you throughout your life.

Within the last month you’ve also become much more interested in Eegor, and I think it’s the cutest thing ever! You watch him walk around the house and reach out to pet him. It warms my heart. You also like the fact that Eegor sits under you when you are eating solids. You’ve started looking for him and I think you purposely drop food. Ut oh!

I love seeing your personality emerge, and most of the time you are very happy and easygoing. I can’t wait until you start saying “Mama”… I’ll probably cry happy tears.

You’re still toothless, but you’ve been teething on and off. I’m honestly in no rush for your teeth to come in though, so tell those chompers to continue taking their time! Oh, and you are now down to 2 naps a day—an important milestone because that means we have more time to do things together on the weekends! ♥

Until next month…


6 months = food!

Dear Elliot,

Well, you’re officially 6 months old! When you were first born I remember looking forward to this age SO much, but now that it’s here I wish I could hit the rewind button. It’s not that I don’t want you to keep growing (I do, I do!), but time is flying by. Every time I get used you being a certain age, and you being able to do certain things, you learn something new and it changes the game. If nothing else, it keeps me on my toes!

As evident from the photo above, we’ve started to feed you solid food. How exciting! You haven’t ingested all that much yet, but you’re doing a great job exploring all the different tastes and textures. So far so good. I’m glad we decided to go with baby led weaning instead of mush, and obviously Eegor is as well!

This past month we also transitioned you from a combo 3-3.5 hour schedule to a 4 hour schedule. I am really thankful because it makes life a lot easier. Our next schedule change will be dropping your 3rd nap of the day, but you’re not quite ready for that yet.

And last but certainly not least, you are trying oh so hard to crawl. You are getting so close, and I think by this time next month you’ll have it mastered. For now, you are rocking and scooting as much as you can.

Thanks for being such a sweet, adorable and well behaved little man.


5 years

Ben and I were married 5 years ago today, but oftentimes it feels like it’s been much longer, and other times much less. Today I woke up and thought about just how much has happened since we were married. The biggest and most obvious being the fact that we now have a son! It makes my heart SO happy to see Ben and Elliot together, playing, laughing and smiling. I couldn’t imagine having a family with anyone else.

Benjamin, I love you, and I’m so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re an amazing, patient, and loving husband and father.


4 months old

Dear Elliot,

It’s July 7th, and that means you are officially 4 months old! Your 4 month pediatrician appointment is on Monday, and I am so excited to find out how much you weigh and how long you are! You are growing and changing SO much.

June was a very busy month for us. The week after we went to the beach house in Corolla, my friends Michelle and Steve got married. Michelle, Steve and I went to college together. We had to drive 7 hours from our home in Virginia to Babcha and Grandpa’s home in New Jersey. It was our very first long car ride with you and you did great! We left at 7PM (your bedtime), so you slept the entire way there.

The week after the wedding, Daddy was away for work in FL, so Babcha drove back home with us so she could watch you all week while I was at work. Miss Rebecca was also on vacation that week, which is why she couldn’t watch you like she normally does. You and Babcha had such a great time together. The odd thing was, the day after we got back from NJ, Babcha and I noticed some red spots on your hands and feet. Turns out, both you and I came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It’s a virus that causes red spots / blisters on your hands, feet and mouth. Your case was very mild, but mine was a bit worse. I felt so bad for you, but you didn’t seem to mind at all.

At the end of that week, Grandpa drove down to pick up Babcha, and we all went to visit Aunt Jane and Uncle Artie in Richmond. They recently moved there from NJ. Aunt Jane was SO happy to meet you, finally!

We recently dropped your 10PM dream feed. At first I was really hesitant to drop it because I was worried you’d start waking up in the middle of the night again, but you are doing great! You are now sleeping from 7/7:15-6:30AM, wow! Sometimes you wake up at 5/5:30 and start talking, but you usually fall back asleep.

A few other things of note:

  • We tried dropping your 4th nap of the day, but you became very fussy when we did that. So for now you are still taking 4 naps, but we’ll try dropping it again soon.
  • You can now roll over from your tummy to back, and from your back to tummy! You are getting so so strong.
  • You love holding my fingers. It’s just so cute.

I took the above video of you this morning while you were in your jumperoo. My oh my, aren’t you handsome!


3 months old (a few days late)

Dear Elliot,

You are now 3 months old! I wanted to start writing to you when you were first born, but it totally slipped my mind. Sometimes being a mother does that to you… you just forget things because you have a sweet precious baby to take care of (you, of course)!

I started work again 2 weeks ago, and it was tough for me to leave you. You are in such good hands though. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you go over to Miss Rebecca’s house. She is a very nice lady and takes great care of you. On Thursday and Friday Oma (Daddy’s Mom) watches you. We have gotten nothing but good reports so far, and I hope that continues!

We spent last week at a beach house in OBX called The Mark Twain. The place I work, Grow Interactive, rented it for the week for all the employees and their families to enjoy! Isn’t that awesome? We had a lot of fun together and Daddy was able to join us for a few days too.

3 months old on Thursday... forgot to post this! Love my little man!You are growing so fast I can hardly believe my eyes. You are a pro at tummy time now, and this past week you rolled over for the very first time! I didn’t actually see it happen at first… I turned my back for a second and all of a sudden you were on your back! Luckily, we tried again the next day and you did it 3 times in a row! You also started doing crunches in an effort to sit up on your own. You are very determined, it’s so cute.

You love to smile and babble. I’m convinced you say “I love you” back to me in your own funny garble language. Other people have heard it too so I am not going crazy! Your new thing is this loud, fairly high-pitched, squeal talk (for lack of a better way to describe it). It makes Daddy and I laugh so hard.

One of my favorite things is you smiling at me from your crib after a nap. I’m so happy to be your mom.

Love always,