May the fourth be with you

In honor of today Ben dressed Elliot in a Star Wars shirt this morning, but as you can see by the below that didn’t last very long. We decided to spend the beautiful morning planting in our garden, which of course led to Elliot getting filthy = removal of said shirt. But so much fun was had!




Life with Mila + Easter

Mila is 18 days old today, and while it’s been tough adjusting to life with 2 children (routines thrown off etc.), I really can’t complain too much. I stare at her sweet little face and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little family to share my life with. Of course the nights are tough and the lack of sleep I could do without, but it comes with the territory and I know it won’t last forever.

Elliot is adjusting to having a sister surprisingly well. He pays very little attention to her, but he makes it a point to say goodbye to “baby” when he leaves for daycare and lets us know when she is crying. Other than that he goes about his business as he normally would — with a smile on his face. I’m so happy he isn’t very phased by the big life change. Phew!

Sunday was Easter and we went over to Ben’s Aunt and Uncles house like we do every year. Elliot had a blast hanging out with his cousins and hunting for Easter eggs. Mila slept most of the time so I hung out with her. It was a fun day 🙂



Happy 2nd Birthday, Elliot!

Elliot turned 2 on Friday… I can’t believe it! We decided to throw him a small birthday party this weekend with immediate family only. I wanted to invite more people, but I’m just too pregnant, and entertaining 6 adults and 4 kids was enough for me. Most importantly, Elliot had SUCH a great time. The weather was surprisingly nice so he spent quite a while outside on the play set with his cousins. Every time I looked out the window he was smiling… that made me so happy.

I made a salad and spaghetti with turkey bolognese for dinner, which everyone gobbled up. And for desert I made a homemade 3-layer yellow cake with chocolate icing. YUM! Elliot is definitely my son because he loves chocolate as much as me, hehe.

I’m completely exhausted today, and my legs and feet ache ache ache. I was on my feet for way too long yesterday. Worth it? Totally!


Our baby shower was this weekend. It was absolutely lovely thanks to all our wonderful family and friends! Our little man is already so loved and that makes my heart sing!

A very special thank you to the lovely ladies who helped plan everything… especially my sister-in-law, Charity, who was kind enough to host it at her house!

The fact that I’m going to be a mother in a little over a month (35 out of 40 weeks tomorrow!) is really hitting me hard right now. I guess having a ton of baby stuff in the house helps with that. My emotions are running wild (in a good way)!




See the full set here.

Change is coming!

Well, I thought I would find the motivation to write in this blog more being pregnant and all… but it’s been just the opposite. Pregnancy is tiring and my motivation has been nonexistent. However, I will admit pregnancy has been very kind to me. I didn’t have any morning sickness in the first trimester, I’ve had no back pain, I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks contractions (yet), and I still sleep fine. Sure, it’s more difficult to move around, I get tired more easily, and the extra weight causes my legs to swell, but overall I feel like I’ve been really lucky.

On Tuesday I will be 33 weeks pregnant, which is a mere 7 weeks away from my due date. It’s hard to imagine that in less than 2 months I will be a mother. I will have a son! Just thinking about it makes me emotional (I blame the hormones). I’m most excited about seeing what he looks like and learning his personality. I often wonder what traits from Ben and I he’ll have. The Parker genes are strong (Ben looks a lot like his father when he was Ben’s age) and I have a feeling our little man will be a spitting image of his Daddy (I’m certainly not complaining). Though a part of me wouldn’t mind a little blonde hair green / blue eyed baby! Or even brown hair and green / blue eyes!

Last weekend Ben’s sister, Charity, was kind enough to take maternity photos for Ben and I. They came out great and I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t want the typical maternity photos, so I opted for a simpler approach. Take a look at the full set here.


I’m not sure if I’ll find the motivation to post again before I officially become a mother, so wish me luck!


Sitting here with my sweet pug on my lap reminds me that I am not going to be able to do this for much longer. Eegor is going to be quite disappointed. My belly is growing by the day, and yesterday I felt baby move for the first time! It felt like kernels of popcorn popping in my belly! It was amazing and so surreal. At first it scared me, but then I realized what it was. I look forward to feeling that more as he/she grows.

Growing bump! 16 weeks.

I’m also officially wearing maternity clothes. I can still fit into some of my loose fitting non-maternity clothes, but I don’t have many of those and they just look weird. Maternity clothes shopping is not fun. I’m so picky.

Ben and I have a doctor (mid-wife) appointment tomorrow, where we’ll schedule our anatomy scan for the end of October. I can’t wait to find out what baby Parker is… boy or girl?! All along I’ve had a feeling it’s going to be a boy… we shall see!

This pregnancy seems to be going by pretty fast… I’ll be a Mommy before I know it. I can’t believe it sometimes!

Today I am 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Baby Parker 3/6/12 ish!


If you’re friends with me on any social networking sites you already know that Ben and I are expecting our first child in March. Crazy, right?! We’re super excited, and it’s still pretty surreal. I haven’t really taken the time to reflect on how I’m feeling and to tell the story, so I thought I’d blow the dust off this sad sad blog and write an update (finally).

We found out we were expecting on July 1st (a Friday). I took an EPT home pregnancy test and it immediately turned positive. I had done it on the sly while Ben was still sleeping, so I snuck back into our bedroom and whispered in his ear that he was going to be a Daddy. We decided then not to tell anyone until I took another test the following morning, just to be sure. That day, especially since I had to work, was probably the most exciting / scary days I’ve experienced in my entire life. It crept by and all I wanted to do was yell out “I’m pregnant!” After that painful day ended, I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to take another test (this time a cheaper brand, so I figured if this one was positive it was pretty safe to say we were going to be parents). Well, it was!

We told our parents and siblings that weekend (and a few close friends), and decided to wait to tell the rest of the world until we had our first doctor appointment to confirm everything was on track. Our doctor appointment was scheduled for 7/18 and waiting those 2+ weeks was torture. When the time finally came I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and of course I had some fear that something could be wrong. To the contrary baby Parker was growing right on schedule with an estimated due date on March 6, 2012! We even had an ultrasound and could see and hear the little heart beat!

That brings us to today. I’m currently 11 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and our next appointment is on 8/29 (Eegor’s 4th birthday!). We won’t have another ultrasound until our 20 week appointment, but we will be able to hear the heart beat again with a device called the doppler.

Overall, I’ve been feeling okay. Fatigue is kicking my butt, I’ve had some mild nausea, and the food I would normally eat of the healthy variety (veggies, etc.) gross me out. Since I’m almost out of the first trimester I’m really hoping I start feeling more like myself soon. I don’t really “feel” pregnant other than my symptoms, but I am starting to notice a difference in the size of my belly. At this point it’s mostly bloat and mild weight gain, since baby isn’t any larger than a lime, but I have noticed a difference.

Well, that is that! I’m pregnant, Ben and I are stoked, and Eegor the pug is going to be a big brother (hehe). I’ll try to update this blog more regularly. ❤