A little bit of this/that

I have nothing interesting to share with the internet as of late. Ben and I did go and see Quantam of Solace yesterday, which was quite good, and entertaining, but not so much so as Casino Royale. Other than that, I’ve been obsessing over Eegor, as usual, and keeping myself busy at work. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving weekend, so I can see my wonderful family. Oh, and Christmas too, can’t forget about Christmas!

I’m still @ work

I’m still @ work Originally uploaded by sonya ina

Yes yes, I’m still here and it’s Friday. Bah humbug. Oh by the way, that’s supposed to be Eegor. He eats his pop if you haven’t already heard. I told Matt he forgot to draw his curly tail and floppy ears. In fact, it looks more like his dog, haha! I guess Sophie is the real poopie eater!

Anyway, the reason I’m here so late is because we’re working on a website for a national brand. When it’s all done I’ll fill the internets in, but for now that is all I can say. We’re working real hard, and it’s going to be SWEET!

What am I doing tonight? Not sure. I’m really pooped (much like Eegor).

TiVo to the rescue

Thanks to my lovely sister-in-law Charity, and her husband Chris, I realized that Ben and I have been without TiVo since we moved into our townhouse, for no substantial reason whatsoever, but mere lack of knowledge and research.

Lydia bought me a TiVo about 2 years ago, when I was still living at home in NJ. When I moved down to VA, I left it there for her to use until Ben and got married and bought our own place. Once that all happened, and we moved my belongings from NJ to VA, we decided against getting a land line. Up until that point, a land line was the only way I knew to hook up TiVo, so I thought we were out of luck. WRONG! It turns out, a land line is definitely not the only way, ahem, wireless network adapter, which was brought to my attention after posting this (Charity and Chris to the rescue!). Not only that, but my Mom had been paying for our monthly subscription for almost a year while Ben and I did not use it. Manifeltdumb.

After realizing and accepting the fact that I was partially ignorant, I ordered the wireless network adapter off of Amazon, after saving $20 off the retail price (woohooo). It came in the mail 2 days ago, and Ben and I hooked it up stat. Ohmymightygoodness, how I have missed thee. TiVo is amazing, and I have found myself watching more TV now, just so I can play around with it. Ah, the little things in life.


Crazy day at work today. I almost forgot to eat lunch. I am now a master site flowchart maker. Crazy! The weather is crazy too! A thunderstorm has arrived and sounds so lovely, and somewhat menacing, as it pounds and echos on the Grow roof. In about an hour, I will go home to a painted Master bedroom! Crazy indeed!

What did you do?


  • Hibachi / sushi for Rob’s Birthday


  • Rembrandt exhibition
  • Greek Festival (Opa!)
  • Bean There


  • Relaxation
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

This morning:

  • Duckies in my front yard!

Picture shows

Is anyone else excited that The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian comes out today? I’ve read the C.S. Lewis books, so I definitely want to see this! However, I’m not sure I want to fight the kiddie crowds on opening weekend. Perhaps if I’m feeling brave, ha!

Ah, Lost, Lost, Lost. I was more awake during this week’s episode, than I was last week, but for some reason, I had more of a response to the former. Don’t get me wrong, last night’s episode was great, but I think I’ll save any interpretations for the 2 hour season finale in 2 weeks. Oh man, it’s going to be good, I can feel it.

Hibachi/sushi tonight, with Amy, for Rob’s birthday! Ben and Mark were supposed to come, but Ben will be out of town for work, and Mark has to get up super early tomorrow morning. Bah. Amy and I will have a lot of fun with everyone, nonetheless!

Edit: I stumbled across the blog of the photographer who took pictures for Ben and my wedding, and found this! I’m all over it, haha!