Mila | 9 months

Oh my darling Mila! 9 months old already (almost 10 as I’m writing this weeks late), and so much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Crawling. It happened… mobility! Mila started army crawling, and she’s getting quick. She’ll see my iPhone on the floor and quickly inch her way over while making this “Ahhhehehhh” sound. Haha! I can tell she is so proud of herself. It’s funny, I was worried she wasn’t crawling and asked Ben if we should maybe talk to the doctor about it, and then BAM. A crawler she is!

She’s also taking assisted steps, but I think it’ll be a while before she’s really cruising or walking. She’s interested though so that’s a good thing.

Waving and clapping. At her 9 month well visit, her pediatrician asked if she was clapping or waving. I said “no”, got worried, but then realized no one has tried teaching her yet. So after a few days of teaching her how, she did it! It’s awfully cute.

She’s 15lbs 10oz and 28 inches long. My long and lean little babe. Her pediatrician said she’s right on track for her growth curve.

Still no teeth. Crazy, right?! Elliot got his first when he was 8 months, and Mila is still toothless. She’s teething pretty fierce right now though, so I bet some will pop out soon.

Until next month! ❤

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One thought on “Mila | 9 months

  1. Emily says:

    Just remembered you had a blog! I just wanted to mention to you that Leah didn’t crawl until 10 months old. She was so content to just sit and play and “read” her books. I seriously thought she would just go right to walking, but all of a sudden, she was brave enough to try! They really do things in their own time. 🙂

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