Mila | 8 months

Life is busy! And that means time is really flying by. Mila is 8 months old, and I seriously cannot even begin to believe it. Wasn’t she born just last week? No. Really? REALLY?!

The biggest change this past month has been her voice! She is starting to babble consonants now, and it’s just so precious. She first started with, “Ba ba ba ba” and the moved on to “Da da da da” and now finally she says “Ma ma ma ma”… but I don’t really consider it “Mama” at this point. I’m not that naive, haha!

She’s also been pretty fussy and clingy lately. If I am in the same room as her she NEEDS me to hold her. And if I’m not holding her, or if I leave the room, she cries and cries. I’ll admit that it’s cute, and I’m awfully flattered, but I know we need to draw the line a bit. It’s typical around 8 months for this to happen though, so we’ll take it in stride.

Her hair is growing quite a bit, evident from the picture below! It seems to be growing in lighter than when she was born… maybe she’ll have dirty blonde hair 🙂 Her eyes are still blueish, and they also have brown flecks. They are really pretty… I hope they stay!

Christmas is next week, and I am SO excited to spend 2 whole weeks with Mila, Elliot, and Ben. We are driving up to NJ to visit my family, and I’m SO ready! ❤


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