Mila | 7 months

Leading up to 6 months was pretty uneventful in terms of milestones for Mila (as evident from my lackluster blog post), but she’s changed a lot this past month!

  • Sitting up unassisted like a champ! This seemed to happen overnight. The day before she turned 7 months it just happened. She will wobble a little here and there, but she is having no problems sitting up on her own for minutes on end.
  • Rolling over. She can roll over from tummy to back, but hates it. And she’s never quite figured out how to roll from back to tummy.  Shrug.
  • More hair! Ben calls her “coconut head” and her coconut hair is growing growing. I can’t really tell what color it’s going to be, but definitely darker than Elliot’s nearly white locks.
  • Loves baby-wearing! Our lovely friends Reese and Jarrett gave us their Moby Wrap since their daughter didn’t like it. Well, Mila LOVES it. She is so content to be worn.
  • Naps are finally starting to fall into place again after them being absolutely terrible for nearly 2 months. She is taking 2 long naps and an optional 3rd catnap near the end of the day if she needs it.
  • Height and weight… I’m not sure of her stats at the moment, but she’s still long and lean. She’s in size 3 diapers!

Until next month…


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