Mila | 4 months

Another month has gone by and I can’t believe it!

Mila’s 4 month pediatrician visit was on Friday and we found out that she weighs 12lbs 6oz and is 25 1/4 long. Lean and long, just like Elliot was and still is, hehe. (Elliot is potty trained BTW, whaaaat?!)

She also got 3 vaccinations and has been super fussy all weekend. It’s strange because Elliot was never phased by anything when he was a baby — vaccinations, teething — nothing. Mila is quite the opposite though. Well, they do say every baby is different!

Nighttime sleep has slowly gotten better. On good nights Mila can go 9 hours without feeding. I’m starting to feel like a human again, instead of an exhausted blob. Yay! Hopefully soon I can drop her dream feed and she’ll be able to go 12 hours. Crossing my fingers!

I love Mila’s personality. She loves watching Elliot, and she’s usually very smiley and content. I love having a girl so much. I can’t wait to paint her nails and teach her to how to makeup on (when she’s 20, haha).


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