Mila | 3 months

My oh my! My sweet little Mila is 3 months old!

Not much has changed schedule wise since her 2 month update, but she’s definitely more alert and more smiley. Elliot has also started interacting with het a lot more lately. He loves to help… gets her paci, turns on her sound machine, closes her curtains, etc. It’s really sweet. He pronounces her name “Meeya” and the best thing of all, he gives her kisses on the head! Every time he does it I want to cry rivers of happy tears.

She’s not yet sleeping through the night which is completely exhausting, especially since I need to be alert and focused at work all day. Elliot was sleeping through the night by 10 weeks old so this is new to me. I really hope things start to improve soon.

This week we weaned her from the swaddle, which has proved to be fairly easy (thank goodness!). She was waking herself up at night and during naps getting her arms caught halfway out so I decided it was time to see it go.

Until next month ❤

DSC_0783 DSC_0750

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