Mila | 2 months

It boggles my mind that our dearest Mila is 2 months old already! We just got back from her 2 month well visit at the pediatrician’s office and she is a healthy little lady! Here’s where she stands:

  • Stats: 10lbs 4oz, 24 inches long
  • Takes 4 naps a day, but her last nap is more like a catnap
  • Nurses every 3 hours during the day and will probably continue doing so for a while
  • I dream feed her at 10PM and she typically wakes up once during the night (not too bad, but I long for uninterrupted sleep)
  • Becoming a pro at holding her head up
  • Smiles and coos a lot… she is so sweet (she was flirting with the doctor today, ha ha)
  • Starting to use her legs to “stand” and kick

I love seeing her personality shine through more and more every day.

Love love LOVE her so much. ❤


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