The big snow!

I’m originally from New Jersey, so I’m no stranger to the snow, but snow in Hampton Roads is a BIG deal — mostly because we are so ill-equipped to handle it. On Tuesday-Wednesday we got 8+ inches, which pretty much shut everything down for the week. It’s Friday now and things are just starting to get back to normal since the temperatures are finally getting high enough to melt the snow and ice. I haven’t left the house in 4 days and I’m getting cabin fever. Ah! Though I’m being extra careful since I’m pregnant, and my coworker fell on some black ice last week and shattered his elbow. Eeeek! Pregnant ladies don’t need to be falling at all, period, so I’ve been nestled on the couch with Eegor for 4 days now, working from home — thank goodness!

This year Elliot is finally old enough to realize what the snow is and he loves it! He exclaims, “Snow, snow!” and repeatedly tells Ben and I that it’s the color white. He doesn’t have any real snow gear so he’s been donning some sweet shark rain boots and extra layers while he plays outside with Ben (and I watch contently from the window).

I was really hoping for snow this year. I’m so happy we got some!

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