Change is coming!

Well, I thought I would find the motivation to write in this blog more being pregnant and all… but it’s been just the opposite. Pregnancy is tiring and my motivation has been nonexistent. However, I will admit pregnancy has been very kind to me. I didn’t have any morning sickness in the first trimester, I’ve had no back pain, I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks contractions (yet), and I still sleep fine. Sure, it’s more difficult to move around, I get tired more easily, and the extra weight causes my legs to swell, but overall I feel like I’ve been really lucky.

On Tuesday I will be 33 weeks pregnant, which is a mere 7 weeks away from my due date. It’s hard to imagine that in less than 2 months I will be a mother. I will have a son! Just thinking about it makes me emotional (I blame the hormones). I’m most excited about seeing what he looks like and learning his personality. I often wonder what traits from Ben and I he’ll have. The Parker genes are strong (Ben looks a lot like his father when he was Ben’s age) and I have a feeling our little man will be a spitting image of his Daddy (I’m certainly not complaining). Though a part of me wouldn’t mind a little blonde hair green / blue eyed baby! Or even brown hair and green / blue eyes!

Last weekend Ben’s sister, Charity, was kind enough to take maternity photos for Ben and I. They came out great and I couldn’t be happier! I didn’t want the typical maternity photos, so I opted for a simpler approach. Take a look at the full set here.


I’m not sure if I’ll find the motivation to post again before I officially become a mother, so wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Change is coming!

  1. Kellie says:

    I love reading posts like these! The anticipation of becoming a mom, knowing how this little guy is going to change your life forever! I am excited for you and Ben. I can only imagine with your love for Eegor how much you are going to love your son! Wishing you all of the best!

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