Cone of shame = 1 week


It’s been 1 week since Eegor’s eye surgery, and he’s recovering quite well. He’s back to his normal, sweet, stubborn self and is acclimating to his e-collar as well as can be expected. The routine is, two pills twice a day and two drops three times a day. He hates the drops with a fiery passion. Can you blame him?

His sutures come out either a week from today, or the following week. In the meantime, we have the keep the e-collar on him so he doesn’t do any damage.

As you may be able to tell from the picture above, his eyes are smaller now, and they are going to stay that way. I was a little sad about him looking different when we first brought him home from the vet (tears may or may not have been involved), but I was being selfish. The important thing is he won’t go blind now, and honestly, he doesn’t look that different. He’s still my sweet little man, and I love him… big bulging eye balls or not!

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