Don’t you love those days when everything just seems to come together, and the little things make you appreciate what you have x100? Yesterday was one of those days.

Every Friday at work we order Thai for lunch, so right off the bat Friday is awesome (for more than the obvious reason). Then, on top of that we received our free shipment of Buckyballs! We recently designed and developed their new website, and free Buckyballs for everyone in the office was part of the deal. The site looks great, and the Buckyballs are 100% addicting. You can make so many fun shapes, it’s hard to put them down. I highly suggest you buy a pair if you’re in need of a fun desktoy, they even come in 4 different colors. I chose black.

Click ^

The treats don’t end there! Our Flash Developer, Darius, and his wife, Anna (with their 6 month old daughter, Reya, in tow), brought everyone Jelly Ball — Her family owns the shop at Lynnhaven Mall. Now, if you aren’t from this area you probably don’t know what Jelly Ball is, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept. It’s bubble tea, you know those tapioca pearls that everyone either loves or hates. They have 30+ drink flavors (smoothies, milkshakes etc.). I opted for a Red Bean milkshake (without pearls), and it was delicious. Thanks Darius and Anna!

To top the day off, unlike 99% of the time, Ben didn’t have to work last night, so I actually had a Friday night with my husband! We ended up staying in and relaxing, but I’m always appreciative of the time we have together.

Thai, Buckyballs, Jelly Ball AND Ben? Yesterday was treat day!

Today, my coworker Josh (we call him Newton), and his fiancée Liz, are getting married! Grow wedding celebrations are always a ton of fun, and it’s great when all of us can get together outside of work. Plus, I love an excuse to get dressed up and feel pretty.

Happy weekend!

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