Happy Easter!

This weekend has been really productive. It’s just what I needed after a somewhat morose week.

Yesterday morning I got a text from Charity saying that she and Chris were over at their church with my niece Savannah, and nephew Ryder — It was their annual Eggstravaganza! Savannah and I had a grand time searching for eggs and collecting her prizes!



I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m really looking forward to the day Ben and I have our own little ones!

After the Eggstravaganza was over, Ben and I met up with some friends at Starbucks for good chats. Then we headed to the food store to pick up stuff for the Easter celebration over at the 330 today! I was in the kitchen until around 10PM last night making Margarita Cupcakes! I haven’t tried one yet, and I’m still in the process of making the Lime Buttercream Icing, but MAN do they smell good!



I’ll be sure to post another picture when they’re all iced and looking even more scrumptious! Hopefully everyone likes them :]

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates! Khristos Voskres! xo

Update! The cupcakes are now complete…


I still haven’t tried one yet, but hopefully they are delish!

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