Friday begins with an F

Normal people love Friday’s. Not I. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had an easy Friday, leaving myself with enough mental and physical strength to actually do something after work. Then again, I’m more of a homebody anyway.

Today, like any other Friday is no exception, and it started off worse than most. In the past week, I’ve brought my car to the shop because the check engine light kept coming on. I was hoping yesterday would have been the last time, but nope, this morning it came on AGAIN — for the 3rd time in about a week. Then, I lost part of my iPhone case in my car. You know, the little piece that goes in the headphone port? Well, it’s gone, but it’s somewhere in my car. I looked everywhere though — under my floor mats, under my seat, and nothing. It disappeared. How is that even possible?!

I try not to let the little things get to me, but I just want this week to be over. My coworker Matt is getting married tomorrow, so I am definitely looking forward to attending the wedding with Ben. Then, on Sunday my other coworker, Darius, is having a baby shower for his expecting wife. It should be good times :]

Take a deep breath and stay positive. I’m trying.

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