The death of Ben’s car

On Saturday morning Ben woke up at 6AM to head to work (ridiculous, I know). Soon after, I got a call from him. For a split second before I answered the phone I was secretly hoping it would be him telling me that we won the Mega Millions jackpot from the previous night, but I was sadly mistaken. He instead informed me that his car had broken down on 464, and he needed me to come pick him up and bring him to work. At that point, not only was I bummed we didn’t win the lottery, now I had to deal with a disabled vehicle. I hopped out of bed, scrambled to get some clothes on, and left the house half sleeping.

I found Ben on the side of 464, and he did not look happy. Who could blame him?! It took the AAA flatbed about 15 minutes to get there (God bless AAA!) and after the car was loaded on the truck, we lead the way to our mechanics shop. We wouldn’t know the extent of the damage until at least Monday.

Well, yesterday was Monday, and we found out. Ben’s Passat needs a new engine and some additional work done to the front end tires. So basically, the work is going to cost more than the car is worth at this point. Total bummer. What’s worse is that the cause of this, the timing belt, was replaced 2 years ago. However, to our dismay it was a cheap belt.

We’re not quite sure what we’re going to do yet, but boy was I not expecting this. Ugh! We’re trying to be optimistic, but it’s tough — especially when we didn’t win the lottery. HA!

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