Mila | 9 months

Oh my darling Mila! 9 months old already (almost 10 as I’m writing this weeks late), and so much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Crawling. It happened… mobility! Mila started army crawling, and she’s getting quick. She’ll see my iPhone on the floor and quickly inch her way over while making this “Ahhhehehhh” sound. Haha! I can tell she is so proud of herself. It’s funny, I was worried she wasn’t crawling and asked Ben if we should maybe talk to the doctor about it, and then BAM. A crawler she is!

She’s also taking assisted steps, but I think it’ll be a while before she’s really cruising or walking. She’s interested though so that’s a good thing.

Waving and clapping. At her 9 month well visit, her pediatrician asked if she was clapping or waving. I said “no”, got worried, but then realized no one has tried teaching her yet. So after a few days of teaching her how, she did it! It’s awfully cute.

She’s 15lbs 10oz and 28 inches long. My long and lean little babe. Her pediatrician said she’s right on track for her growth curve.

Still no teeth. Crazy, right?! Elliot got his first when he was 8 months, and Mila is still toothless. She’s teething pretty fierce right now though, so I bet some will pop out soon.

Until next month! ❤

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Mila | 8 months

Life is busy! And that means time is really flying by. Mila is 8 months old, and I seriously cannot even begin to believe it. Wasn’t she born just last week? No. Really? REALLY?!

The biggest change this past month has been her voice! She is starting to babble consonants now, and it’s just so precious. She first started with, “Ba ba ba ba” and the moved on to “Da da da da” and now finally she says “Ma ma ma ma”… but I don’t really consider it “Mama” at this point. I’m not that naive, haha!

She’s also been pretty fussy and clingy lately. If I am in the same room as her she NEEDS me to hold her. And if I’m not holding her, or if I leave the room, she cries and cries. I’ll admit that it’s cute, and I’m awfully flattered, but I know we need to draw the line a bit. It’s typical around 8 months for this to happen though, so we’ll take it in stride.

Her hair is growing quite a bit, evident from the picture below! It seems to be growing in lighter than when she was born… maybe she’ll have dirty blonde hair 🙂 Her eyes are still blueish, and they also have brown flecks. They are really pretty… I hope they stay!

Christmas is next week, and I am SO excited to spend 2 whole weeks with Mila, Elliot, and Ben. We are driving up to NJ to visit my family, and I’m SO ready! ❤


Mila | 7 months

Leading up to 6 months was pretty uneventful in terms of milestones for Mila (as evident from my lackluster blog post), but she’s changed a lot this past month!

  • Sitting up unassisted like a champ! This seemed to happen overnight. The day before she turned 7 months it just happened. She will wobble a little here and there, but she is having no problems sitting up on her own for minutes on end.
  • Rolling over. She can roll over from tummy to back, but hates it. And she’s never quite figured out how to roll from back to tummy.  Shrug.
  • More hair! Ben calls her “coconut head” and her coconut hair is growing growing. I can’t really tell what color it’s going to be, but definitely darker than Elliot’s nearly white locks.
  • Loves baby-wearing! Our lovely friends Reese and Jarrett gave us their Moby Wrap since their daughter didn’t like it. Well, Mila LOVES it. She is so content to be worn.
  • Naps are finally starting to fall into place again after them being absolutely terrible for nearly 2 months. She is taking 2 long naps and an optional 3rd catnap near the end of the day if she needs it.
  • Height and weight… I’m not sure of her stats at the moment, but she’s still long and lean. She’s in size 3 diapers!

Until next month…


Losing Sleep Over Plagiocephaly

When Mila was 2 months old I noticed a flat spot on the right back side of her head. As any mother would, I freaked. I also Googled. A lot. Turns out she has a condition called plagiocephaly. Babies heads are really soft, and with the “back to sleep” campaign they spend a lot of time on their backs. With that can come flat spots, and asymmetric head shapes. I read that if found early it can be corrected by repositioning the baby to keep them off the flat area. Well, fast forward 5 months and her head is still flat despite all my efforts. Luckily though, it’s just the back of her head… she doesn’t have any facial asymmetry.

Regardless, I feel like a terrible Mom for not noticing it sooner. For not rotating her head more. I feel like it’s all my fault. I wish I could just rewind to when she was born and start all over again.

So what can we do now? Well, we’ve talked to her pediatrician about it and he’s told us not to worry. He said there are studies that show that by the age of 2 the asymmetry typically resolves itself, but if we wanted we could consider a helmet which speeds up the process.

From there, I decided I wanted to see a specialist. We first took her to a neurosurgeon. He immediately told us she didn’t need a helmet. But instead he told us to prop her on her side when she slept. I was relieved for a bit knowing she didn’t “need” a helmet, but after trying and failing to prop her on her side, I got depressed again.

We then decided to take her straight to the source… Hanger Clinic, which specializes in cranial helmets and other orthopedics. My goal for her evaluation was to get measurements. Well, we got them. 10mm. That is how asymmetrical her head is, which is in the high mild / low moderate category. The orthotist said she would benefit from a helmet, but he’s seen much worse.

So at this point it’s up to us. Do we get her a helmet, or do we take our chances on it working itself out on its own? I keep going back and forth, and I hate it. HATE. I’m losing sleep over it, and I’m just so sick and tired of worrying.

Insurance won’t cover the cost because they consider it cosmetic. Really? REALLY? How depressing and EXPENSIVE. The cost will be worth it though. For peace of mind. For my daughter. For no regrets.

Our follow up appointment is in 2 weeks. We will make our final decision then, but I think we’re going to do it.

Wish us luck, and peace of mind.

Mila | 6 months

I’m nearly a month late with this post, but luckily I didn’t forget to take pictures 🙂

I’m going to keep it short and sweet since I’ll be posting again soon for her 7 month update…

Our precious Mila Marta turned 6 months old on October 5th, and the following week she had a pediatrician appointment where we learned that she weighs 13.9 lbs and is 27 inches long. She’s doing great!


Mila | 5 months

Has another month really gone by already?! No way.

Dear sweet Mila is 5 months old and thriving! She’s changed a lot this past month, and it’s very exciting yet sad at the same time. Ben and I have decided not to have any more children so knowing she is our last is really bittersweet. I’m trying my best to cherish every milestone knowing we’ll never experience these moments again.

So, what’s new you ask? Well..

  • Rolling over! She’s only rolled over a few times, but it’s an accomplishment nonetheless!
  • Weighs about 14 lbs. We don’t know exactly how much she weighs, but first weighing myself, then myself with her she’s about 14 lbs. Growing gal indeed.
  • Attempting to sit unsupported! She’s not quite there yet, but she’s getting so much stronger.
  • We tried dropping her dream feed, but she ended up waking up early in the morning so we decided to keep it until she’s established on solids.
  • Belly laughs! Her jovial sounds make me smile from ear to ear!
  • Check out her precious smile below… I mean, she’s just darling am I right? 🙂

Until next month…

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